We're reporting on sexual harassment in Texas workplaces. Share your story — confidentially — with us.

Over the last few months, our reporting on sexual misconduct has focused on the Texas Legislature — where harassment often goes unchecked — and the flawed policies that might have been contributing factors. But we know sexual harassment goes beyond the Capitol.

We want to better report on the sexual harassment Texas women face in the workplace, including deeper looks at related state policies and barriers women might encounter when trying to report or address misconduct at work. To acknowledge the different challenges women face based on race, socioeconomic status and industry, we’re striving to include in our reporting the voices of women who aren’t always part of this important conversation.

If you’ve been a victim of sexual misconduct while working in the state, we want to hear from you. We know the promise of anonymity may be crucial in deciding to share your story, so we won’t identify you without your permission (you can also share your story anonymously).

Any information submitted through this form will only be shared with Tribune reporters. You may also contact our reporters directly or send an encrypted message to the Tribune with the messaging app Signal at (512) 745-2713.

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