Readout of First Lady Melania Trump’s Lunch with Mrs. Lorena Castillo de Varela of Panama

After a brief visit in the Oval Office with their husbands, First Lady Melania Trump and Mrs. Lorena Castillo de Varela of Panama enjoyed lunch in the White House residence and discussed a variety of topics, including their initiatives within their respective governments and the important platforms they each have the opportunity to promote.  Mrs. Varela spoke about her interest in the Red Cross and involvement in other humanitarian efforts, specifically her position as UNAIDS Special Ambassador for AIDS in Latin America and her commitment to expanding HIV testing and services.  She also described her efforts in the autism community.  The two discussed Mrs. Varela’s unique perspective as a former journalist, and the connection between media and politics in both the United States and Panama.  Mrs. Trump spoke about her new role as First Lady, and her intentions for the role in the coming months.

Source: White House Press

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